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LinkArrow  The Hudson Bay Company


LinkArrow  OrkneyJar


LinkArrow  The Hamilton Association

-  When the Hamilton Scientific Association (the original name) was created in 1857 Dr. Rae was residing in Hamilton. He was one of the founding members and later the second President. HAALSA honours Dr. Rae each year by dedicating one of their eight public lectures to him. Link to their archives on John Rae.


The offical site all about Orkney.


  Parks Canada

Latest news on the discoveries of the Erebus from the Franklin expedition.


  Finding John Rae

Interesting personal site of Jane Hamilton, relation of John Rae.


LinkArrowStromness Museum


LinkArrowScottish Arctic Club


LinkArrowRoyal Scottish Geographical Society


LinkArrowRoyal Geographical Society


LinkArrowScott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge


LinkArrowPolar Museum


LinkArrowNational Maritime Museum, Greenwich


LinkArrowScottish Maritime Museum


LinkArrowThe Georgian Group


LinkArrowRoyal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland



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