Dounby and Vintage Shows

Dounby2016Our new tent got its first outing at the 2016 Dounby Show. The evening before, several of us struggled to put it up in the rain, thankfully there was very little wind, but our efforts gave a considerable amount of entertainment to one of our Trustees, Xandra Shearer who although was unable to help still came along for moral support. But she spent a lot of the time laughing!

With the tent up and firmly fixed with ratchet straps by Davey Reid we retired for the night, ready to set up the next day. With an early start it was all hands on deck to set up the tables and sterling work was done by Sigrid Appleby prepareing the food we would be selling, which prooved very popular.

People started to arrive whilst we were still setting up, there seemed to be quite a bit of interest in what we were about and our plans. By the end of the day we had taken £256.65 plus sold some more tickets for our annual draw plus we had £525 in new memberships and donations, a good days work!

A few days later it we did it all again but this time without the tent at the Vintage show where we raised £159.28.


John Rae