Who we are


O. Peter St John, The Earl of Orkney
Elaine Grieve, Lord-Lieutenant of Orkney
Ken McGoogan. Author
Ray Mears, Writer and Broadcaster
Sir Michael Palin, Actor, Broadcaster and Writer
Magnus Linklater, Journalist and ex-editor of The Sunday Times, The Scotsman and The Evening Standard

Board of Trustees

The present Board of Trustees comprises:

  • Andrew Appleby
  • Neil Kermode
  • Fiona Gould
  • Cheryl Chapman
  • Donna Heddle
  • Alasdair Marwick
  • John Welburn
  • Meng Wu
  • Andy Golightly


  • Vacant – Project Manager
  • Andy Golightly –  Secretary
  • Tracey Phillips – Treasurer

One third of the trustees retire annually by rotation, but are eligible for re-election.

The Project Manager for the John Rae Society was Sandra Deans – projectmanager@johnraesociety.com

The principal office-bearers are:

President: Andrew Appleby – president@johnraesociety.com
Chair: John Welburn- chair@johnraesociety.com
Honorary Treasurer: Tracey Phillips – treasurer@johnraesociety.com
Membership Secretary: Fiona Gould – membership@johnraesociety.com
Secretary: Andy Golightly – secretary@johnraesociety.com

Other contacts as follows:

Archive: – archive@johnraesociety.com
Events Committee: – events@johnraesociety.com
Webmaster:  – info@johnraesociety.com