Clestrain progress

2 June 2015

Clestrain Gets Your Full Support…!

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The Hall of Clestrain was built in 1769 for the Honeyman family; descendants of the Bishop of Orkney from 1664-76, Andrew Honeyman. The family later moved to the mainland and the Hall became home to their agent John Rae. In 1813 his son, the future Arctic explorer, John Rae was born. The Hall was once regarded as one of the most impressive buildings in northern Scotland. In 1952 while the Hall was still inhabited the roof was lost during a hurricane and the present owner moved out. Although replaced with a corrugated asbestos roof which saved the wallheads and general structure, there has been an inevitable and gradual decline. A recent inspection with a local surveyor highlighted the need for a large timber beam carrying the principal floor to be further supported.

Clestrain 007

We are delighted to report that our appeal in the New Year Newsletter has ensured that all 8 Acrow Props have now been sponsored. The large beam is for now secured. The members who we would like to recognise for their most generous sponsorship are Kathryn Baillie, Robert McLeish, Jon Gower Davies, Michael Broadbent and Noel & Sharon Hogg. We will be taking pictures of the Props in place shortly and will post these on the website. These short term conservation measures are vital and ensure we can look towards the long term goal of restoration and a new chapter in the life of this special building.