Dig 2021: #9 Drain exposed

28 July 2021

Today’s view to Hoy!

Hoy in the mist

Now on with the dig….


Here we have cleaned down to a firm layer of compacted glacial clay. You can see dark marks going into it. These could be heavy boot prints? There is one by a tag.

You do see the large cut through it so the drain could be built along the North face of the Hall. The dark fill next to the drain will be removed tomorrow.

Excavating the drain

The capstones of the drain are removed and Paul is trowelling away a year’s silt from when the drain was examined last year. This isn’t exactly a comfortable job.


A fresh look at the lovely sandstone gutter on which the drain was constructed. This gives us clues to what The Hall of Clestrain could have looked like in John Rae’s era. Tomorrow, when this is all cleaned up, we will know a great deal more. It is exciting times for us. The careful excavation is paying off.

If you want to see the dig, then we have our open days on Sunday 1st August and Monday 2nd. August from 10.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Your visit will be welcomed. Details here https://www.johnraesociety.com/events/



Photos by Sue Dyke and Paul Johnson.


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