Jim Chalmers completes his rowing challenge!

8 February 2021
Jim Chalmers

James Chalmers former College lecturer and JRS member is attempting to row across the Rae Strait in his living room as his part of the John Rae Challenge to help raise money for the restoration of the Hall of Clestrain.

Having finally completed the row today after several weeks of training ( He was forbidden from doing it without getting into some kind of shape first – not sure what type of fruit applies).

For those who like to check such things, Jim kept a record of his row(s) each day with photos of the monitor on the Rower alongside the time/date on his phone

Jim didn’t quite manage to keep the whole thing within the four hours he had originally suggested but hopes that people will forgive him !

To keep Jim’s mind off the meter on the rower (which he felt accumulated the kilometres far too slowly!), Jim played a DVD of the BBC Frozen Planet with Sir David Attenborough. Jim felt that much of the landscapes, flora and fauna in the Arctic sequences would have been familiar to John Rae from his time spent in that part of the world and this encouraged Jim to achieve his goal.

Jim has already raised over £250 and if you would like to support him further now he has achieved his challenge, please donate via our JustGiving page don’t forget to Gift Aid your donation if you are a UK tax payer.