Archaeology 1: Stone Curbing

24 June 2020
Back Steps

This shows the recently uncovered stone curbing at the North end of the Hall. The interior has been closed off with with six neatly trimmed flagstones. This paving conceals a flight of steps going down to the ground floor of the Hall of Clestrain. The staircase was sealed over when the piggery was installed within.

Pig Sty
Pig Stys on ground floor

The new concrete floor, which the piggies lived on, was probably a couple of feet thick! When we uncover the bottom stair, we will know more about the level of the original floor.

The wee surface drain runs directly on to one of the stone stairs. There is a void below it, so it looks as though the drains from the west and east moat ends, which turn at right angles, would appear to link under the stair, then drain beneath the courtyard.

We will not be removing any slabs for the time being, as we are only clearing turf and topsoil so we can get an idea of what is below.