Arctic Return Flags come home

11 June 2019

Published: Tuesday, 11 June 2019 11:22

Stromness Primary

On Wednesday morning 5th June, I had the most delightful visit to Stromness primary School where I presented the flag that the youngsters designed. Pictured here are Kitty Grey, Zac Brazier, Maggie Bevan and Nieve Boatwright.

I congratulated them on such a splendid achievement. I remarked that the school competition was so difficult to judge that in the end it was a tie between Stromness and The Hope School. However, I assured them that all their efforts showed a great deal of adventurer’s spirit.

As a special treat, the pupils sang a rousing song they had composed about John Rae. This was so splendidly sung with gusto and pride in their hero, John Rae.

Song is on our YouTube Channel

Andrew Appleby – President John Rae Society

All photos by John Welburn ABIPP

St Margrets School


Andrew Appleby the President of the John Rae Society presents the flag back to one of the designers.

The children too showed great explorer’s spirit in their designs and attitude. This was excellent as they were assembled to watch a presentation on the arctic and global warming, which they were all very keen to watch.