Article by Rognvald Boyd on John Rae

26 March 2019

We have been sent an interesting article by a member, Rognvald Boyd.

Here is an extract:

“Dr. John Rae – commemorated on an unusual scale
Famous men, and rather fewer women from past centuries, are commemorated in many ways in
addition to their gravestones and traditional monuments of various kinds. The Millennium Edition of the
Times Atlas of the World contains scores of entries for territorial units, towns, cities or natural features
in different parts of the former British Empire which are named after Queen Victoria. Less prominent
figures may, e.g., have a mountain named after them, e.g. President McKinley, though the mountain is
now called Mt. Denali. The single entry for John Rae is for the Rae Strait which separates King William
Island from the Boothia Peninsula NW of Hudson Bay. Other sources list Rae Lakes in the North West
Territories, a group of small lakes roughly mid-way between Great Slave Lake and Great Bear Lake,
and Rae River which flows into Coronation Gulf on the Arctic coast of Nunavut, N of Yellowknife…….”

For the full article with some very interesting maps  Click Here