Donation from Adventure Canada

6 August 2018
Adventure Canada

A couple of months ago we had an email from the Travel company Adventure Canada Tours to ask if we could arrange access for 200 of their holiday makers who were arriving in a few days on one of the cruise ships. All the Trustees pulled together and with a couple of helpers Anne and Martin we managed to stage an open day just for them. It was a busy day with the visitors arriving in coaches at various times in the day, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and were very interested in our plans for the Hall of Clestrain.
A few weeks later we had another email informing us of Adventure Canada Tours very generous donation of £3,500 and pledge of future support.

“Dear Andrew, It was indeed a pleasure to meet you in Kirkwall. I’m so happy we connected!
Our guests loved the experience at the Hall of Clestrain. I’m really looking forward to seeing the modifications for next year. ……. We’ve got a total of $2782 as a direct result of the auction. We’ll match the funds for an additional $2782 CAD bringing our auction total to $5564 CAD. Andrew, we really do appreciate the time that you and your team put towards our visit…… I’d like to top this up to an even $6,000 CAD.
…….. we would like to include the John Rae Society as one of the organizations that we fundraiser for an provide support to. We’d like to profile the organization directly to our clients, but also on our website (new one to launch at the end of the summer). If you are agreeable to this it would be excellent to be able to use your logo when speaking about you and the organizations that we work with.

Warmest regards, Cedar”