The John Rae Challenge

16 September 2020

Fed up with Covid? Tired of politics? How about doing the John Rae Challenge?

Help us put Dr John Rae, one of Scotland’s greatest yet little-known Arctic explorers, firmly into the hall of fame where he belongs.  Our project is to set up an Arctic centre in his name in his historic birthplace, the Hall of Clestrain, in Orkney.  We really need more people to know about him, and we need funds, and this is where your friends come in.  That’s right, your friends. See some of the challenges going on

All you have to do is set yourself a challenge, like a 5 or 10k walk, or a bike ride, or a swim.  It does not even need to be a fitness challenge, it could be anything you and your friends know will be a real achievement for you, like reading War and Peace.  Then tell all your friends you are doing this and ask them to sponsor you by making a donation on our Justgiving page:  And encourage them to do the same with their friends, that way our appeal can go viral! #johnraechallenge

Thanks for reading this, and get busy today planning what you will do.  Post photos of yourself on social media completing your challenge using the hashtag of #johnraechallenge .  Let’s see how many small donations can amount to a real contribution to our funds! We all need something to cheer us up after months of lockdown.  Let us know what you are planning to do and we will advertise it here and perhaps get you even more sponsors!

Our website  will keep you updated on how much we have raised, with the help of you and your friends and also what others are doing so let us know what you have planned – email


Or if you really want to enter into the spirit of John Rae !