JRS, Team work and the ‘lockdown’

During this difficult time the hard working committees of the John Rae Society are still progressing with the project of restoring the Hall of Clestrain. The deadlines for our current funding have not changed and the LEADER current funding will run out at the end of September. This means that we have to carry on as before.

Obviously meeting up is out of the question and so JRS has setup and is using Microsoft TEAMS for video conferencing, chat and organising and sharing files. It is fair to say that some of us are not great with IT but everyone has embraced this new environment and spent the time to learn it so that our work which we consider important, can continue. Don’t forget if you can donate to help us via our Just Giving page.

Microsoft offer Office365 and TEAMS free to any qualifying non-profit organisation and we are grateful to them for doing this. This is not a special one-off CORVID-19 offer but one that has been available for years.