Urgent Repairs to the Hall of Clestrain

18 February 2016
Hole in roof

During the early part of the winter, a section of the roof was damaged and a gaping hole appeared. The Society were concerned that when the violent storms with their winds of 80+mph arrived later in the winter then the Hall could suffer severely.

It was decided to ask Casey the builders, (who have supported the Society in the past and who provided the stonework for the Westminster Plaque), if his men could effect repairs to the roof so that it should hold for another couple of winters. He had some men and machinery in the area and he agreed to do this at a minimal cost to the Society.


When the roof was investigated it was found that the reason for the damage was that it was not securely fixed along the front edge. This has now been rectified and should last for a couple of winters, hence the large wooden beam across the front.



The Society is very grateful to Paddy Casey and his men who undertook this urgent task, just in time for storm Gertrude to hit! (Fortunately with no damage sustained to the Hall.)

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