Andrew’s challenge # 2

22 December 2020
Andrew and the Hall

Hello all you generous sports.

Starting a challenge is far more of a challenge than actually doing it! This is what I found when I wild swam a stroke for each of the 3,645 miles that John Rae trekked during his now increasingly famous Arctic Expeditions.

My new challenge for 2021 is to swim the 6,700 strokes per mile that John Rae sailed in his remarkable journeys. I’ve been thinking too long of this, so I started this morning, 20th December at 11.07 a.m. I completed 444 of the required strokes in the coolness of Aikerness Bay! This leaves only shivery strokes 6,256  to go!

I am looking for 111 sponsors at just one penny a mile. Folk can sponsor more if they will. The Hall of Clestrain’s crumbling roof urgently needing emergency repair work! There is archaeological equipment to pay for for next season’s excavations: The insurance is well over a thousand pounds per annum! It would be very good if we improved our IT resources, so that our superb Membership Secretary could upgrade, making her life much easier. Sponsor at our JustGiving page

Believe me, I will complete this new challenge. If you want to take the plunge and do your sponsorship now, I would be utterly grateful. This will mean we can get on with these aims immediately.

I just realised are looking for fencing posts to fence the ground where the new access road to the Hall of Clestrain will go. We need to buy fencing wire. Diesel for a volunteer’s mechanical digger. Whenever a list ends, something else crops up, doesn’t it.

So please do spread this around your friends. The John Rae Society really means business and money to achieve so many little and large tasks.

Thank you,

Andrew Appleby.

President of The John Rae Society.