Dig 2021: #5 More recording

23 July 2021
Sue Drawing

Sue Dyke and Duncan McNeish drawing the West facing elevation of the step well to the Hall of Clestrain

The drawing by Sue and Duncan.

This shows the curbing round the top of the steps and the rubble wall supports for it. This structure seems as though it was built into the existing slope of the ‘Moat’ filling


Paul and Duncan doing further surveying. The stone dyke partially covers an 1851 Ordnance Survey Bench Mark on The Hall of Clestrain. This helps to date drystone wall fairly precisely.

It has been a great day. Paul opened a trench at the Cart Door of the West Wing. This has revealed a crumbly cement and pebble area, which might be a path. Further work tomorrow will tell us more. I look forward to that.

It has been a lovely few days digging. Let us hope it continues.

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