Dig 2021: #8 Lifting the Slabs

27 July 2021

The damp day dawned to this view of Hoy from John Rae’s family home.

With the rain, our trench by the North entrance to The Hall and the drain, had standing water in it, which we dubbed ‘Lake Como’ All suggestion of excavation was abandoned for the day. ‘Patience brings a better day,’ I once read that on an abandoned Coastguard toilet wall. Patience will pay.

Instead we went indoors… The West Pavilion’s flag floor had to be recorded. We certainly believe that this floor is not original!
We think an earlier floor lies below this. If so, this would be a feature of major importance as it would shed light on the original height of the pavilion. This may well influence the architectural design of our finished Arctic Centre. Here is one of the real values of our archaeological investigations.
Photo: Gail Drinkall and Sue Dyke carefully drawing each stone flag.

Thank you for reading these blogs. It is a pleasure to write them and inform you.

If tomorrow’s weather has any sort of clemency, we will have much more to show.

Digits entwined… Andrew.


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