£3300 Donation from the Rocky Mountaineer Company

25 April 2023

In April 2021 I began an email correspondence with JRS member, Glenn Munro, following the death of Ian Waddell. Glenn was a great help to me in providing me with links to articles about Ian published in Canadian newspapers, and also in contacting Ian’s family when we were asked to pass on some childhood photos.

In the course of our correspondence I mentioned that I planned at some point to visit Canada with my son and to take a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer . Glenn then disclosed that he was a retired Executive Vice President of Rocky Mountaineer and offered to see if he could get a Friends and Family discount for me.

This came to fruition this year. My son and I will be travelling on the Rocky Mountaineer at the end of September. When Peter Armstrong, principal owner of the Company, learned of this from Glenn, he offered to give us a free trip if we undertook to donate to the John Rae Society what we were otherwise due to pay for our trip. The sum in question is £3300. We are deeply grateful to Peter and are making the Rocky Mountaineer an honorary corporate member.”

– Membership Secretary of The John Rae Society, Fiona Gould