Important Donation by Highland Park

30 January 2023

Fig.1 Highland Park Cheque Presentation

Fig.2 Old New Year Celebrations at the Highland Park Shop

Fig.3 Music Performance during the Celebration

We were presented with a £5000 cheque by Highland Park. Last August, Highland Park partnered with The John Rae Society to launch Highland Park 17-Year-Old John Rae Arctic Explorer whisky. The whisky was created to celebrate John Rae’s pioneering work in the Arctic and support the ongoing effort by The John Rae Society to restore the Hall of Clestrain, John Rae’s birthplace. Following the cheque presentation in late December, Old New year celebrations have been held at the Highland Park’s store at Kirkwall on Friday 13th Jan. The event marks a new era for the collaboration between The John Rae Society and Highland Park and celebrates the success of Highland Park 17-Year-Old John Rae Arctic Explorer whisky.

This wonderful donation will be used to commence our vital access road development from The Orphir Road, down The Hall of Clestrain, John Rae’s home.

Another exciting donation from Mr. David Connell of Arizona of £2,000 is another brave step to make this important road a positive reality. There may well be an even larger one looming from across the pond shortly. Details will be posted on our website later.

Creating this road is key to the restoration of John Rae’s family home. The access it will give to heavy vehicles, machinery and public access will be a huge advantage for The John Rae Society. It WILL be the beginning of a new phase.”

– President of John Rae Society, Andrew Appleby