John Rae Society’s work commended in Scottish Parliament

Speaking during a debate in the Scottish Parliament on Arctic Connections, Mr Halcro Johnston, a member of the society, highlighted Rae’s achievements, as well as the Society’s efforts to preserve his birthplace, the Hall of Clestrain in Orphir.

John Rae’s remarkable legacy is keenly defended in Orkney, and his achievements have been instrumental in shaping our understanding of the Arctic region.

Born in my home parish of Orphir, Rae’s legacy is deeply rooted in our community and we are rightly proud of it. His expeditions were a remarkable feat of exploration and stands as a testament to the strength and resilience of human spirit.

The work of the John Rae Society is invaluable in keeping the memory of his achievements alive, and in helping to celebrate the important role he played in Orkney’s history.

And the efforts of the Society’s committee, volunteers and supporters in working to protect Rae’s birthplace, Hall of Clestrain, and to provide it with a sustainable future, deserve considerable praise”.
– Highlands and Islands MSP Jamie Halcro Johnston