Limited Edition Mugs in Memory of Her Majesty

Support the John Rae Society by purchasing the limited edition mugs in memory of Her Majesty made by Master Potter Andrew Appleby, the president of John Rae Society.

The then Prince Charles visited Melsetter House on Hoy on the August 8. As part of the visit, Prince Charles viewed an exhibition from Orkney Quality Food and Drink members. Master Potter Andrew Appleby, the president of John Rae Society presented the exhibition, displayed his pottery and demonstrated that ancient craft. The Prince signed a large platter that Andrew had made with a feather pen prepared, and the platter will be presented to The Longhope Lifeboat Museum, along with a few of the other vessels created by Andrew. Andrew also explained about The John Rae Society’s ambitions in restoring The Hall of Clestrain, John Rae’s family home to the Prince Charles, and he has showed considerable interest and asked for further information.

On the September 8, when cooling the pottery made during the royal visit from its first firing and making mugs, Andrew heard about the news about the Queen’s death. The shocking news made Andrew stop throwing the mugs, and suddenly, he came up with the idea to turn 50 pieces of mugs just thrown to commemorative pieces.

Andrew engraved Thrown the Day our Queen Died or words to that effect on these mugs, and inscribed E II R as well as a crown followed by C III R below the words. On the bases of the mugs are written 96, being Her Majesty’s age, and Andrew’s initials as signatures. Andrew offered to sell these limited edition mugs in memory of Her Majesty in support of the John Rae Society. Considering the scarcity and its commemorative purpose, each of the mugs is priced as £96.

Purchase the mug now to support the John Rae Society, and the mug can be purchased on-site from the Fursbreck Pottery, opening from 9:48am to 5:51pm, Monday to Saturday, by call or by email.