More help from Highland Park

Again, The John Rae Society is SO grateful to The Edrington Trust for assigning Highland Park Distillery staff to do such valuable work for us at The Hall of Clestrain. Always with John Rae’s spirit inspiring us and them, grim tasks were cheerfully performed.


More strimming in advance of our Doors~Open weekend of the 18th and 19th of September was achieved. Even a car parking area on the ‘Avenue’ approaching Clestrain was cleared.

Clearing the floor

Then the clearance of a load of bruck from a concrete block shed we own. Some of the hideous junk was actually really interesting. An ancient fork; an incubator for chicks and pieces of wood, which were part of the Hall in days gone by. All is preserved.

All clear

Now clean and Bristol fashion, as they say. This is has become a very useful space indeed.

Repairing the roof

And THEN! Our Archaeology Cabin’s roofing felt blew completely away last winter. I remember well the tempest. It was just the sort that would have blown our precious Hall’s roof away. If we hadn’t had Casey Construction making us wind and watertight a few years ago, it would have certainly gone. Today the Edrington Trust Team sweated roofing felt on for us. Not a job I could have undertaken… It would have been a total mess! {If you want a job doing badly, get Andrew to do it.}

The Edrington Trust gang

Another moment of triumph!

Have I said how grateful we are to Highland Park’s stalwarts? Yes… Well, we can just do that again right here and now.

Andrew Appleby… President of The John Rae Society.


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